Terms of Use

Terms of Use

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No Offer or Advice

The information contained on this website is not intended to and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase, subscribe for or sell any securities, service, investment or product or to provide any recommendations or information to be relied upon as financial, securities, investment or any other advice. Users of this website are encouraged to seek appropriate advice from their legal, financial and other advisers before making any investment or financial decisions. An offer or solicitation regarding any Cabot products will be made only through a final private placement memorandum, subscription agreement and other related or similar documents; any such investments will be subject to the terms and conditions contained in such documents, including the qualifications necessary to become an investor. Investments in Cabot’s products are speculative and involve a high degree of risk.

No Warranties

This website is provided on an “as is” basis with no warranties of any kind. Cabot does not warrant that the information on the site is accurate, reliable, or current, or that this site will be available in the future. Your use of this website and use or reliance upon any of the materials on it is solely at your own risk.

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Limitation of Liability

Cabot, to the maximum extent permitted by law, disclaims any liabilities for errors, inaccuracies or omissions on this site and any loss (whether direct or indirect) or damage resulting from use of this website. Users of this website are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws and regulations.

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Performance Information

Any performance information or other Cabot financial information provided on this website refers to past performance. Financial information and other Cabot metrics, including the Total Square Footage and Amount Invested in Cabot Markets, are generally presented as of the end of the previous calendar quarter, however information may be updated on a lagged basis to avoid the use of estimates. Past performance is not indicative of future results, which may vary. No representation is being made that any investment will, or is likely to, achieve profits or losses similar to those achieved in the past, or that significant losses will be avoided.

Any reference to performance related to an index product is for informational purposes only. The indices referenced are not available for direct investment and their performance does not reflect the expenses associated with the management of an actual portfolio, the actual cost of investing in the instruments that comprise it or other fees. No representation is made that any index is an appropriate measure for comparison.

The case studies presented herein are presented for informational purposes only. A full list of all investments made by Cabot during the past 12 months will be provided upon request. It should not be assumed that the recommendations made in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of the investment presented herein.