Charles L. Forbes

Chief Investment Officer, Core Programs Member, Board of Directors Member, Investment Committee

Charlie uses 30 years of real estate experience and a critical eye for applying the Cabot Core Standard. He is a member of the Investment Committee for Core vehicles and all Cabot strategies. His background in operations, asset management, and leasing and investment transactions, make him a key member of the Cabot Team. Charlie joined Cabot in 1998 shortly after Cabot Industrial Trust went public and continued with RREEF after the REIT acquisition in 2001. In 2003, he joined the Investment Team of Cabot Properties and was instrumental in the acquisition of many of the buildings in Cabot Value Fund I. He has done the same with Value Fund II, Value Fund III, and Value Fund IV in addition to our current Funds. Charlie holds an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BA from Connecticut College.